I don’t get why Biden said that “ FEMA wasn’t equipped to deal with Ohio disaster because of the expansive nature”? What’s more helpful than FEMA? And isn’t some help better than nothing? They should’ve been handing out gas money and hotel vouchers on day 1. Ridiculous response by this administration. Also, in Wa., I’ve noticed an increase in contrails on clear days. Normally north to south but sometimes they’re all over. The stripes take hours to dissipate. And they are very, very high altitudes. I’ve checked plane-finder app to determine type of aircraft & many times there’s no record of them or it’s military plane. Always makes me wonder.

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Mar 6·edited Mar 6

Brother Scientific,

Wasn't there another Norfolk Southern train derailment?

here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXI48qT6SmE

28/212 cars derailed. Diesel exhaust fluid and common industrial products were in the cars.

lol sure.

"Elevated levels of Acrolein found"

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