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Thanks for all the brilliant work you've been doing 🙏

I am gobsmacked how corrupt (and STUPID) our governments are...

The following video examines the amendments in black and white, and is more than concerning.


At timecode 14:53 "CELL and GENE THERAPY" can be imposed under WHO treaty...

15:30 as an amendment they've crossed out "non binding", so now the treaty is BINDING.

15:44 "Full respect for the dignity of human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons" has been CROSSED OUT... Umm WHY?????

Some extra info applies to USA as well as Australia 👇

Australia's involvement with the WHO is a done deal. The proof is in the $100M payment delivered to the WHO by Penny Wong in September of this year. $75M of that was in 'bonus payments'

Australia’s Joint Standing Committee On Treaties (JSCOT), Minister of Health Mark Butler, the Department of Health and Aged Care, and the Secretariat of the Petitions Committee have attempted to ignore the 55,697 Australians who signed a petition

Please take the time to REALLY read this article.

You will learn that the Australian Parliament is completely IMPOTENT and has NO POWER TO VOTE to ratify or reject the amendments to the International Health Regulations.

You will also learn why the Australian Parliament will NEVER get an opportunity to vote to ratify or reject the proposed “Pandemic Agreement.”

The people of Australia must understand that the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of government has the sole authority to enter into treaties, conventions, agreements or amendments to existing WHO regulations.


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The W.H.O, W.E.F. & U.N. (Globalist I.M.F. Personal mercinary army) Dr.David Martin has all the patents from the D.O.D. & D.A.R.P.A. Both The pandemic & Vaccines were based off of fraud Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. What world do the criminals get to change the laws and give themselves Complete Immunity including investigation? W.h.o. knew before hand (premeditated) commit war crimes Global Terrorism & Crimes against Himanity with Chemtrails ( the cause of the great deciet known as globalist warming scam) & H.A.A.R.P. ( Weather modification/ Earth Quakes)Nano Self assembky Tec w Grahine Hydroxide aluminum barium etc etc Is an attack on everything within the Earths Eco System. As For the Shots emmitting low energy bluetooth signals(Internet of bodies) Changing laws claiming thet everything is a genetically modified organism G.M O. Who wasnt coerced without absolute consent..... no one signed up to have thier lives shorted ( the great reset) and be owned by somebodies dystopian Nightmare company? The w.h.o. is a criminal tenticle of an organization Tedros is a war criminal. Even Geneva Switzerland where both the w.h.o. & w.e.f. hide because it is a sovern nation. Its all Criminal The all will be held accountable. better have great ppl heading up the military tribunals & protect them during Nuremerg 2.0. our governments, societies,judicial systems & Law enforcment have been infiltrated.

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Thank you for your work and for all that you do. I agree and if we can’t stop them before the Dec 2023 deadline , if we live it will be to regret our inability to do so.

If we succeed it’s imperative to strategise because they plan for the long term not just their own generation and they will not go away. Catch them before they go underground.

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As much as we are in crisis, and the world indeed needs an urgent International Summit, to see MD's down there who never spoke the ENTIRE truth, is VERY DISAPPOINTING! If there is no Dr. David Martin down there, that summit is a FARCE, in my opinion.

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That "International Crisis Summit" itself is the face of tyranny, the face of the enemy. They are proclaiming openly that their intention is to remove freedom and sovereignty of all nations.

Those people standing under that expensively made banner are globalists and satan worshippers

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