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"... the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one"

1 John 5:19

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I remember him in a video interview and he said the part about the children.

God bless him and God bless us all.

Jesus is Savior.

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Can’t like because this truth is unbearable.. peace To All !

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Thankfully I am now familiar with this “ situation “. Though it did take several months to digest. Then a little research and finally , my need for truth.

Good to see you in this space !

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Always found your column interesting but this here interview was off the chain!

What stuck is where Bernard flat out tells us to "unite, unite, unite." Stand the f***k up and so forth.

Ideally most people will, except, I think, there's no other way or purpose for the 'sheeple' as we've all been part of at one point or time unfortunately.

So, the question bares asking, what is it that us willing folks have to reimagine as the new reasoning away from the shackles of their imaginary world to which we live?

Many essays produced have been matiqulous in research and following the money, religions, scriptures, you name it, it's being done on a level today that commands attention as to which the so very gracious 'subject' accounts herein vividly.

Myself being a bit of an enthusiast about how our monetary systems were created and how everything to what is considered sacred or traditional is actually all made up and been perpetuated for thousands of years. Shocking as it was for me personally to come to very similar conclusions that money was simply a tool that should have no purpose, to say I can truly understand and assimilate with the need to end this fantasy and those responsible for such magnitudes of evil.

Although when we say end, we mean to simply discontinue participating in fantasy. Understanding the motivation behind the current world architecture is to plainly see a massive failure as part of the illusion, time after time. Yet the same systems persist as repackaged to move us into the next century, aimlessly. And re-led by force or volunteering and willing to accept eternal slavery, imposed by those aforementioned in the transcriptions.

All I can assure readers of this transcript is there's truth in what the guy says and there's extraordinary people who've figured out the problems and made solutions. They've made sacrifices of not being billionaires to prove their positions and backed them up with visionary aptitude, physics, computer science and sustainable-to-nature resource and energy technologies that far surpass the most evil or humanitarian thoughts & imagination of those in power today.

Might we introduce a couple of these good souls to you and your audience to delve into? I promise you won't be disappointed and I'm a realist when it comes to life. In over 15 years of research on why this life sucks and there's gotta be a better way to do this, we finally came across to the other side in finding Jacque Fresco's life work. He and Roxanne , who is at the helm here in the US after he passed in 2018.

If there ever was a time to get familiar with The Venus Project, it's NOW!

At the very least, hit the link to their free streaming video here:


Then read Chapter 12 in the ebook here:



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I started a syllabus during Covid of buzzwords and rebranded terms, just to have a lexicon (actually 3, one for each category) in one place.


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Thank you for this entire transcript, odysse video is broken ~in the middle..

When I got the Protocols, send to me as pdf file, I had to read it all, at once and couldn't stop, while having the entire life, all the traps in front of my eyes, with every page. Even details of consequences of naming our lovely dog, became suddenly clear!

Later on I purchased a movie, the same title, and totally different content.... It appeared, to add to the confusion, again, there are MANY version of these protocols of .. Zions!

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Good work, fantastic post.

I personally don’t believe that Ronald Bernard was singling out the Jews. “THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION”, which can be found at ARCHIVE.ORG (various editions) concerns Zionists which may comprise Jews, Christians, and so forth as they have infiltrated all religious sects & Masonic orders. But who are the Zionists? Aren’t they really just Bolsheviks? Possibly the henchmen of the Illuminati?

Ronald Bernard has done more recent interviews which cast additional light on the dark side of our world (financial, political, economic, etc.) & it would behoove everyone to watch these videos which can be found on Rumble & YouTube.

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By Jews I think he means those mentioned in revelation 2:9 and 3:9

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Avarice is their disease.

With their illegal looted billions they corrupted all our institutions and governments. Looking the other way is what the germans did.

The silent are complicit.

Start spreading this and choose life.

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