Trump doesnt do things because he was forced to follow science, he and his family have been part of this org for a number of generations. He is a made man and one of them. Should be clear his role in all of this, if not:


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All I have done for the last 3 years is cry. So much propaganda, losing friends over shot, so much corruption, so much theft by the government, so many evil, evil people in and out (Karens) of government, so many LIES!

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Oh, does posting a comment qualify me for the e-book for free or did I miss my chance?

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Oh boy, Bandit is here!

So am I.

Now I'm no Bandit, I'm just a gardener, but I hope you don't mind my "terse" response to you on that other thread. I've clicked your place and I'll check it out - so far it seems worthwhile, for what the opinion of a "buffalo" merits.



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