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Fred - you do great research - thank you sincerely!!! I appreciate that you share the amount of hours you invest to bring us these works of enlightenment. Everyone needs to see that to respect your effort even more.

A couple of additional thoughts:

Everything you reported is summarized in some yet to exist word meaning insanity to the x=99 power. It just can't be true... but it is. Anyone with some openness to consider what these programs mean would see them as ludicrous and resist. So the globalists have that covered too. Notice that the vaxx tends to kill off the most seasoned (by age) thinkers? True though, that it has the bonus of taking out many late teens and early 20's people too. But for that group (who will be the next society leaders soon), indoctrination is the better tool. It works. Just look at the collegiate wokeness nonsense that's off the charts and showing no sign of slowing. Those literal numbskulls buy into (are programmed into) believing EVERY false narrative and the more false, the more they believe. They are not receiving higher education, merely indoctrination and soon enough they'll be chanting "eat bugs for climate hugs" and "travel no, airplanes must go" and "animals are disease, get rid of them please" and will be fighting to be at the front of the line for every globalist/woke initiative headed their way.

It's not a joke. It's the back door to psychopath success that those of us with common sense and an understanding of freedom can be undermined by if we don't stop it.

Additionally, geoengineering opens so many more possibilities for food control, from making the ground such as where organic food is grown or our own backyards, tainted, vaxxed, or dead.

And for a bonus: insects contain chitin in their shells. Chitin causes GI upset or worse. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5680136/ I've already seen dog treats in petco supplemented with bug (cricket?) flour and there were 10 startups developing bug products for human consumption that reported receiving investments from VC firms in 2023, just like fake meat companies did a few years ago. It's very real and not "proposed" at all. Too many people think it's not real or that it will be something they can ignore. Ignore no. The only options are to squash the plan or accept it.

Vigilance people.

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Solid research, well worth reading and sharing. It's easy to focus solely on the injections as the source of all our ills, without realising a coordinated, collective depopulation agenda has been at work for many generations now.

Re the "zombie deer" thing, living in the Scottish Highlands til I had to leave due to Brexit, my trade in life was animal hide tanner by hand, using traditional methods. Living rurally the local rangers supplied me with culled deerhides and fox pelts etc and I also tanned sheepskins.

The deer wasting disease was well known to us definitely in the nineties through the twentysomethings. That and viral haemorragic fever.

I find it suspicious that they're making an issue out of it now, and fearmongering that it may "spread to humans" because that is exactly how they cull the poultry flocks by the millions if so much as two to three birds get bird flu.

It's an attack on the food chain.

I suspect knowing there are many hunters who take their quota of deer for venison, this is exactly the same thing.

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Fred, it is demonic in origin. It is vast in scale. This is the ultimate repudiation of the knowledge of God as a Good Creator and Sustainer of life. They intend to kill all of us.

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The Political Economy of Genocide, plus the state of the Ukrainian Failed Proxy War . . .


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🧠 VET ROGER living hell


Roger S. Meacock BVSc., M.R.C.V.S.

Quantum Veterinary Medicine


Additionally, we have determined that prion seeding activity is retained for at least fifteen years at a contaminated site following attempted remediation



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