I have attended many classes at DOE labs. I am not a scientist. I was an intelligence analyst. The DOE does assist the “intelligence community” in various matters. The other agencies typically do not have the scientific expertise to judge every piece of data they collect about some foreign nuclear power or weapons program. The various DOE labs specialize in different aspects of research, and to some extent, like universities, try to anticipate future avenues of research that might be lucrative or of high interest to the government. Most of the people who work for the DOE are not government employees, they are contractors. I have to be careful not to drift into anything classified here. I am not saying that a DOE lab is conducting biological research. But I can remember at least one location that has a nuclear forensics lab. They can use refined nuclear technology and isotopes to analyze things which frankly amazed me. So this doesn’t surprise me. There may be an aspect of the Covid Frankenstein virus which nuclear forensics was able to detect a key signature. Again, I am not a scientist. I have made an amateur historical study of science, rather, one of the many historical topics which I find interesting and am making snail’s progress increasing my knowledge and understanding.

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Too bad, I am becoming more sceptical about a lab leak by the day as I delve into the science involved.

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They need to tell us what they did, so they can say 50 years later...we told you, see? What a bunch of clowns. Thanks for your work and spreading the knowledge.

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The DOE labs have been doing biological research for decades, including the "Human Genome Project". Current efforts include the "Genomic Science Program" genomicscience.energy.gov, the "Joint Genome Institute" jgi.doe.gov, etc.

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C19 lockdowns and restrictions worked like an energy austerity program so they might be interested in studying it. Oil production peaked in late 2018 and we need to get use to the New-Normal of working from home, 15 minute cities, and shivering in the dark while enjoying bugwiches due to energy issues.

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No doubt they’re working on it in desperation. But even half a billion people can jail the perps. Because half a billion will be wondering who will croak next.

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Looks like all the criminals are starting to resign and hide out.. I guess the A team will be replacing them getting ready for the next severe PLANDEMIC, with the WHO pulling the strings.. Need to check the money trail and WEF and WHO and all affiliations for the next group across the globe and here.. Like replacements for Fauci, Walensky, FDA ,etc..

Walensky resigns


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We don't know all their goals but we do know the ones they were publicly going for like mandating a vaccine for all during a time of a public health crisis. They were temporarily able to do that to some but they did not achieve the goal of setting the precedent that they could mandate a vaccine during a time of a public health crisis.

They also weren't able to implement a physical checkpoint/tracking system ( the vaccine passport ) save for in a few major democrat controlled cities.

They also failed to get enough percent of teh public to accept this scenario which is why it backfired on them. They're still acting like the vaccine works but they've had to drop all mandates.

I don't need to know every goal to know that they did not succeed in full because these 2 goals failed.

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As long as the average citizen continues to believe that the virus and the pandemic is real, the Covid tyranny will continue.. Read Jon Rappoport's seminal blog: The Pandemic Pattern--How the Illusion is Built. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/05/jon-rappoport/the-pandemic-pattern-how-the-illusion-is-built/

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