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Hi SP, let me give my 2 cents,

1. These lawsuits are drummed up theater to make you think the Freedom Med people do not work together and distract you from actual issues.

2. Kingston is not your friend https://protonmagic.substack.com/p/karen-kingston-substack-banns-proton

3. No one has purified RNA in the shots


4. Dr. Balone is not good or bad like a Masonic checkered floor, he's only one color. This has all the info, most you may have missed.


5. Do you read my posts on all these deception agents, RNA, etc? Most are a 2-5 min read.

6. You write some good stuff but it's toooooooo long so many people won't read it.

Take care

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great work - incredible overview -lots of important info here, just one example - Malone's father being a potential role model for the baseless amorality of designing bioweapons was especially useful. thank you!

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I also picked up on every discrepancy you’ve catalogued in this well-organized expose. I put in daily research since this began so I recall vividly when Malone first appeared. He was very cautious in his early interviews and annoyingly pronounced Covid as Cahvid for awhile smh…there were more important hints of a controlled player but, like you, I’ve been at arms length on his role for awhile. The lawsuits against the Breggin’s and others says it all, along with the fact that he’s never ventured into the very disturbing, and obvious use of nanotechnology and synthetic biology in the injections. Great work, thank you for your effort. God help us all.

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What a brilliant and comprehensive analysis! The John Waters quote made me laugh. I love all the different threads you weave into this, from Malone's childhood to the secret societies to the illogic of the conquest mindset to the depop agenda and inversion of the real parasites ... and I'm only a quarter of the way in! I will read the rest with interest. Thank you for including me in this landmark in covering Malone and why he represents a whole level of the psyops we need to decipher. I know you're already aware, but if any readers want to see the article that links in all 17 that I've done on him, it's here: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/truth-is-like-a-chamelion. Thanks for doing this monumental work, Fred.

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Malone changed his fucking mind. We've all been wrong about stuff; we changed our opinions. Get over it.

Malone will go down as one of the greats. Read his Substack. From his memes to exposing the lies our government told us. From being a Biden donor to quoting von Mises. He's done a total 180. And we will just have to agree to disagree about some stuff, like whether or not viruses exist. I don't really care, but I love all of you whatever you think about the existence of viruses. (Sort of like arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.)

And stop the fucking infighting. We've got a country to save, a war to win. Wars make strange bedfellows, and I'm in bed with all of you, whether you are delusional about Malone or not. Because we must unite, so we can win this greatest of all wars.

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Body language, especially but not only, facial appearance always told me things. I ALWAYS thought 'Malone' was hiding something.

I read his early bio, education. I thought something was wrong there. How he was allowed into the program, I can't remember the details now.

But, d8d it seem as if he was 'easy' to buy off, be put into something not quite right and to protect his position, he'd do it?

So, then the fear would build, wouldn't it? It could get nebulous.

Protecting his background could segue into just protecting himself.

He wanted you to BELIEVE he ...was honest? Etc?

But others have had a hold on him? His house of cards?

So, then, couldn't he be compromised? Try to justify it?

I read RFK was similar. I liked him. Sad.

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Thank you for connecting the dots of this character. When I found out he is suing the Breggins for 25 million a while ago, I looked more into him and his actions. I don't think he is the guy he is pretending to be.

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Looking for perfect heroes amongst humanity will always end in disappointment. Better to focus on the good and worthy ideas and doings and put no one on a pedestal. Malone has done good, so have the Breggins, Desmet and Ayn Rand. There is plenty to disagree with but also plenty to agree with.

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Who cares about Robert Malone at this late date in the destruction of America???

What does this have to do with the highest 2024

priority of ELECTION INTEGRITY…a solution, repeat solution to ALL America’s ills since 2008?

For ALL AMERICANS who want to win…focus now on the MOST important 2024 issue of ELECTION INTEGRITY!

Is there any other HIGHEST priority in 2024 to fix without fixing free, fair, lawful and transparent elections???

The Lex Greene piece should give all persons GREAT HOPE that the 2024 ELECTION INTEGRITY CROWD will be able to establish free, fair, lawful and transparent elections!

Lex Greene lays out our GREAT odds of winning…


Spread this piece all over our mostly RED, repeat RED country! You

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Good article. I think there is one major thing he needs to do. Tell us what really happened in Wuhan.

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Overall I prefer your stack article to the stacks of some of the snarky grifter stacks you referenced.

I loathe the cabal and all the virtue signaling hypochondriac sycophants that helped enforce masks and poison jabs.

Finding sympathy for liberal potheads who failed in school and decided that the government should pay for their beer and illegitimate children while the sober, studious kids went on to prosperous scientific and technological careers seems impossible.

I can relate to Malone’s dad. Why not earn a solid salary working on nukes, knowing that they will never be used? The money you get supports your family and no one gets hurt. Unless you can point out one nuclear weapon death since the Japan bombings, I think working on nukes is a harmless cash cow.

The medical experimentation stuff is another. That’s pure evil. And it’s always amazing to me how any failed drug platform can be repurposed as a potential cancer treatment.

The game of saying hey you have cancer so you are going to die anyway, so let’s try all these new medicines and drugs and treatments out on your body because we already “diagnosed you” so all normal restrictions and cautions no longer apply.

There’s your real horror of all horrors.

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Robert Malone did not have a twitter account in 2014. There were fabricated tweets. If you believed that, what else may you have believed that's not true about him? This is Dr Meryl Nass's thoughts on Malone. - https://merylnass.substack.com/p/breggin-and-malone-analysis-and-suggested



I'm not certain what I think of Malone. I am certain Dr Meryl Nass has integrity and has been coming from the right place, she started as a volunteer for Physicians for Social Responsibility in the 80's and has been following trails ever since. I think her integrity is clear, I think her thoughts on Malone are worth considering ...

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Bob still pushes the Fear Porn of "Viral Pathology". That alone makes him scum. I don't need an encyclopedia of his life to know a turd when I see one.

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Yeah, Ayn Rand started out a heroine (more likely a hero - looks MTF to Me...) of Mine, but it soon became obvious that She avoided the fact that money is the psychopaths' only tool to power...

Responding to a Money Lover About Ayn Rand (article): https://amaterasusolar.substack.com/p/responding-to-a-money-lover-about

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That is disconcerting to say the least....if true. And yet, I am not convinced that this author isn't playing a subtle smear game. Lordie this world is hard to unravel, in particular when it comes to distinguishing between friend and foe, ally and alliance against all that is good and just.

I had a good feeling about Dr. Malone but will keep this in the back of my mind going forward. For that, I am grateful to the author....maybe.

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